To schedule an appointment with Misun, call 303-681-1025 or send an email to

Misun is a nationally and Colorado licensed acupuncturist and herbalist serving the Denver Metro area. She holds a Masters of Science in Traditional Chinese medicine and offers gentle, healing treatments and herbal medicine consultations. She works with patients at two different Denver area locations and makes house calls for your convenience.

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"Misun definitely helped me to conceive a healthy baby. I was diagnosed with PCOS and instead of trying the fertility drugs, I went to Misun for acupuncture. With regular treatments I was able to get pregnant without the use of the fertility drugs. I highly recommend Misun for fertility acupuncture. She is the best!"

~ B.

"I met Misun through a mutual friend of mine. They had nothing but praise to say about her treatments. The first time I came in for a treatment she was very hospitable and cheerful. She was happy to answer any questions I had and help me with anything that might be ailing me. Since then I've returned a number of times and have noticed considerable improvement in my health and well being. Recently, I've felt inspired by her to study acupuncture and Chinese Medicine myself. I will continue to see Misun for treatment and look forward to learning from her in the future."

~ Dylan L.

"I was in the [happy] zone again, with your treatment!"

~ Sheila