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Patient Testimonials

"Misun definitely helped me to conceive a healthy baby. I was diagnosed with PCOS and instead of trying the fertility drugs, I went to Misun for acupuncture. With regular treatments I was able to get pregnant without the use of the fertility drugs. I highly recommend Misun for fertility acupuncture. She is the best"

"Misun is very skilled in acupuncture. She is very professional, caring and gentle. Her knowledge and expertise are outstanding. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking to receive acupuncture."

~ B.

"She's great! She has patience and she's very kind. The acupuncture is the only thing that helps my sciatic nerve pain."

~ Patrick W.

"Misun saved the first day at my new job with her emergency acupuncture the night before. I was walking early on a Sunday morning, the day before I was to start my new job On the way home, I sprained my ankle. An hour later I was in excruciating pain and couldn't move my ankle more than a millimeter, let alone walk on it. Worried I had broken it, I hopped on one leg into a cab and went to the ER. They took X-rays, confirmed it wasn't broken, and sent me home on crutches. When I got home, I did the RICE method but it wasn't getting any better. That's when I called Misun. A short time later, she arrived at my house with her medical bag, kindness, and skill. After her treatment, I couldn't believe how much better my ankle was. In fact, it was almost completely back to normal. By that evening I was walking on it and the next morning I walked into my new job as if it had never happened. While the rest, ice, compression and elevation may have helped some, it was Misun's acupuncture treatment that saved the day. I'm sure I would have had to go to work on crutches if it weren't for her. I've also used Misun for chronic pain and recovery after joint surgery. Whether you have an acute injury that isn't serious, or ongoing pain, I highly recommend Misun. She is thoughtful, comprehensive, and knowledgeable. She will assess your condition and design an appropriate treatment."

~ Carrie M.

"I go to Misun for acupuncture when I'm feeling stress and anxiety and I feel amazing afterwards! I feel like I have had a massage or taken a whirlpool path, my body feels released and my nervous system feels balanced. I also recently started receiving rejuvenation treatment for my face, I had even been considering botox for some worry lines but the acupuncture melted them away! Misun has healing hands and I feel very cared for in my overall well being. She is a true healer."

~ Wendy M.

"I had chronic pain in my wrist for many years from an injury. After the first session my wrist swelled a bit, which concerned me at first, however I noticed that the pain had disappeared. Months later my wrist was still pain free. I went for a second session and now the swelling has disappeared as well."

~ Pat B.

"After suffering from chronic insomnia for a long time, I sought acupuncture treatment from Misun Oh. Misun suggested acupuncture once a week until the symptoms subside, and I'm very happy to say after three treatments I have slept through the night without waking up once for the past week; I haven't been able to do that in almost two years! I sought treatment for insomnia, but I mentioned a couple of nagging sports injuries, and Misun was able to completely heal my shoulder pain. I have a bad right ankle and it didn't hurt for a full week after the treatment she gave me. I haven't gone a full week without pain for more than 3 years! I am very grateful for the ability to sleep through the night, it's been a life changer."

~ Michael M.

"Every time we receive acupuncture we feel much better, muscles feel less aching, [and there is a] sensation of having more energy and being more relaxed. Misun is so kind and knowledgeable."

~ Edgar and Joy Carreno

"The treatments are helpful for pain and for improving movement. And they are relaxing."

~ Alan L.

"I have received a dozen or more acupuncture treatments from Misun Oh. She has treated me for a variety of issues, including neck and shoulder pain, fatigue, eye strain and general balance. I have always felt that I greatly benefited from her TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) treatments. Having got to know Misun, I find her professional, experienced and compassionate. I always look forward to my next treatment. I definitely recommend her services."

~ Z.G.

"I met Misun through a mutual friend of mine. They had nothing but praise to say about her treatments. The first time I came in for a treatment she was very hospitable and cheerful. She was happy to answer any questions I had and help me with anything that might be ailing me. Since then I've returned a number of times and have noticed considerable improvement in my health and well being. Recently, I've felt inspired by her to study acupuncture and Chinese Medicine myself. I will continue to see Misun for treatment and look forward to learning from her in the future."

~ Dylan L.

"I started going to Misun for help with my anxiety and depression. She consulted with me for awhile...I felt relaxed and ready. As she put the points in their spots, I immediately felt a calmness, but energized. It was and is a great experience."

~ A.M.

"I was in the [happy] zone again, with your treatment!"

~ Sheila

"I really had a profound experience when receiving acupuncture from you."

~ H.

"I began receiving healing acupuncture and ear bead treatments from Misun in 2008, and she quickly became my go-to specialist for seasonal allergies, colds and sore throats, as well as overall rejuvenation and relaxation. I have a deep appreciation for her expertise in plant medicine and the synergy it has with acupuncture. She has prescribed Chinese herbs for me that are both effective and affordable. Misun has an intuitive, and caring approach and is a thorough and gentle practitioner; she knows how to listen to her clients and meet them where they are. I deeply trust her expertise and recommend her to everyone I know!"

~ Sarah S.

"Having an autoimmune disease can be challenging to manage. I was so lucky to find Misun. She helped manage my symptoms in her skillful gentle way. Her knowledge base is vast and impressive. And the cherry on top is Misun herself as she is delightful."

~ Katherine J.

"I have received several treatments from Misun Oh for both facial rejuvenation and treatments for unbearable headaches. Not only did my skin look radiant and more youthful, but my headache subsided and my overall energy improved while all physical pain was reduced. Misun’s deep compassion and understanding of Chinese Medicine are a true gift to those who encounter her. I have faith that she can treat most any physical symptoms and help me improve my wellbeing."

~ Lezlie

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